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‘Wunder’ is the term that captures our mentality.

The ability to see new possibilities. The drive to make something happen that makes a difference and evokes a sense of wonder. Asking questions is the starting point of progress. Asking better questions unlocks real innovation. We never settle with the status quo – we’re challenging it. Our rocket fuel is seeing new opportunities to create better solutions for existing problems.

Category management is about selecting, sourcing and stocking the most ideal products that make up our shop assortment. The great thing about Wundermart is that we have a huge amount of data to help us make smart decisions on what we should include in our range and what not.  I have been with Wundermart since the early days and it is fantastic to see how far we have come. With every new shop we learn more about how to build the smartest autonomous retail solution in the world.

Wenche Rethans Category Manager at Wundermart

As a visual designer I get involved in all projects where we need to bring our Wundermart brand to life. That could be in communications, such as the website or marketing materials. But also internally in our office, shops and Hubs.

What I love most about Wundermart is the freedom we have to explore new ideas. Our culture is about finding creative ways to get things done where other would just give up. That, as well as working with great team of people from all parts of the globe, is what makes me come to work with a smile on my face.

Georgina Post Visual Designer at Wundermart

At Wundermart the Commercial Team looks after the acquisition of new customers. Basically, this means that I am responsible for introducing new hotel shops to our European network. And because we are organised by region, I specifically look after the Benelux.

In this role I get to travel a lot, which is one thing I really like about working at Wundermart. Every day is different, and I get to meet new people all the time. Of course, opening lots of new shops is also exciting, I can literally see how much we are growing as a company every day.

Laurens Peters Commercial Manager at Wundermart

The Wundermart Perks.

Unlimited vacation time

Learning & Development budget

Flexible work arrangements

Travel reimbursement

Regular team events in Amsterdam

Lunch at our HQ in Amsterdam

Open jobs.

Shop Intelligence Team

Supply Chain Team

Operations Manager UK
  • London, United Kingdom