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Wundermart was founded by Laurens de Kleine and Patrick Dekker after spotting an opportunity in the hospitality retail channel. Since the early days of launching unmanned shops in hotels and offices, we have evolved into a technology company with a mission. By focusing on building a platform solution for anyone that wants to play shop, we empower aspiring and innovative retailers to bring their goods to where their customers are. Located in Amsterdam, Wundermart now consists of more than 50 entrepreneurial team members.

‘Wunder’ is the term that captures our mentality. The ability to see new possibilities. The drive to make something happen that makes a difference and evokes a sense of wonder. Asking questions is the starting point of progress. Asking better questions unlocks real innovation. We never settle with the status quo – we’re challenging it. Our rocket fuel is seeing new opportunities to create better solutions for existing problems.

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Current openings

Book keeper
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sales Manager Germany (München)
  • Munich, Germany
Sales Manager Vienna
  • Vienna, Austria