Onboarding Specialist

Job description

We are looking for our new Onboarding Specialist! Are you looking for a customer facing role with a one-of-a-kind scale-up, then we have the job for you!

What you will do as our Onboarding Specialist?

Our Onboarding Specialist develops a positive customer experience, fosters relationships and supports brand loyalty. You work alongside Account Management and Project Manager to promote retention of our new customers and overall positive experience with the brand. Additionally, you are also well-versed on the technical side of projects and can offer insight and tips on how to use features and troubleshoot.

Our clients and partners are spread out over all the major cities in Europe. Knowledge and experience of working in an international company will come in very handy.

Your key responsibilities and KPI’s

  • Establish clear retention goals and process milestones for the client to work toward

  • Assist customers as needed with setting up and navigating the customer facing part of our platform

  • Assist in creating training courses and educational materials that benefit the best practices

  • Promote an energetic fan base for products and locate brand ambassadors to share the product's benefit and value

  • Optimize existing processes within the company and actively enhance all Customer Success initiatives 

Our ideal candidate

  • 3-5 years of experience in customer service or customer success position strongly preferred

  • Experience working with brand image and promoting value through customer experience

  • Exceptional ability to communicate and foster positive business relationships

  • Accountability and personal organization are essential

  • Ability to establish milestones and keep all clients motivated and enthusiastic to use the platform to the best of their ability

  • Experience analyzing and optimizing the existing processes in the Customer Success department

  • Deep understanding of customers concerns and thoughts regarding the use of products, and the ability to troubleshoot as needed

Job requirements

What's in it for you?

  • A great working environment with incredibly nice colleagues;

  • A competitive salary and holiday allowance;

  • A lot of freedom and ownership;

  • Being able to continuously challenge yourself and a guarantee for personal development;

  • A laptop and reimbursement of your mobile phone costs;

  • After 7 months, Wundermart will contribute to your pension;

  • Unlimited days of holiday;

What do we do?
Wundermart is taking the hospitality world by storm with our 24/7 unmanned food market solution. We offer hotels a great way to convert unused m2 in the lobby into a quality food & beverage service for their guests. Our smart, data-driven ecosystem makes sure there are always the right products for the right time and takes out all the hassle for hotel staff. Happy guests, hassle-free, and healthy monthly profits for our clients. With the current challenges facing the hospitality sector, Wundermart fits in perfectly and is on a mission to help! 

Our Mission

‘Wunder’ is the term that captures our mentality. The ability to see new possibilities. The drive to make something happen makes a difference and evokes a sense of wonder. Asking questions is the starting point of progress. Asking better questions unlocks real innovation. We never settle with the status quo – we’re challenging it. Our rocket fuel is seeing new opportunities to create better solutions for existing problems. 

Our Values

To reach our mission we are building a strong collaborative team. We have established 6 core values we believe define us:

• Open minds

• Dare to make mistakes

• Never settle

• Create your own destiny

• Always learning, constantly growing

• Value over cash