Frontend Developer

Job description


Wundermart is seeking a front end developer. Given Wundermart’s growth and international expansion, we are in need of a developer to further strengthen our Product Team. This team currently consists of a product owner and 5 developers, both back-end and front-end.


Each morning, you spend some time getting back into things, do some fixes on work from the previous day, review pull requests or perhaps you refine some stories on Jira. At 10:00, you’ll call in for the stand-up. There are some stories with your name on them, so you get busy writing code, commit it to Github and make a PR. One of your teammates picked up on your PR from the notification on Slack and was quick with her review! You work on some of their remarks and merge your code into develop. You notice that there have been quite a few merges since the last release to master! You prepare a Pull Request for a new one, so Jenkins can build a review-deployment. The team is notified about the impending release on Slack and a quick discussion ensues: we need to wait for one other PR. After your colleague has their PR merged, Jenkins does the final checks and the release is approved! You merge it into master. Jenkins does another build and updates the production deployment. The product owner is notified; she prepares a message about the release while you start work on another story!

Job requirements


  • Has at least 3-4 years of experience with Javascript (es6), HTML/CSS.
  • Has experience with frameworks like Vuejs, Angular or React.
  • Has experience with unit testing with jest or jasmine
  • Has knowledge of Vue 3.
  • Has Knowledge of Flux pattern (VUEX).
  • Has experience with TypescriptCould.
  • Experience with Sass is a plus.
  • Knowledge of linting and general project configurations is a plus.
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines is a plus.
  • Experience with end to end testing (Cypress) is a plus.
  • Experience with Flutter or other cross platform frameworks is a plus.