Job description

You role at Wundermart

Wundermart is a rapid growing organization. In this dynamic environment is important that our people manage themselves well in order to keep up with the pace and regular changes. The coach is there to help our employees. Next to this the coach will also help our employees set clear personal development goals. A third responsibility of the coach is to think of and construct a learning & development program.

What you will do as a Coach

As a Coach you will help people manage themselves in the dynamic environment of Wundermart and help people construct SMART personal development plans by having regular conversations with them and challenge them on behaviour and development. By having those conversations and discovering what our people need and by analysing the phase of the company and where we want to go you also think of a learning and development program and you construct and seek the proper courses.

Job requirements

Our ideal candidate

  • has a Master’s degree
  • is skilled as a coach
  • has experience working in an tech environment
  • has experience in building learning and development programs