Account Manager

Job description

Account Manager

Your role at Wundermart

Wundermart is seeking an Account Manager. Because of our rapid growth we are in need of an Account Manager who will be the face of our company. You will be in close contact with our customers so you can help them optimize the advantages of our services; use data to analyse performance and build strategy for every customer.

What you will do as 

As an Account Manager you will be connecting with customers periodically in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and U.K. You want to know how they experience our technology and communicate how they can get the most out of it. The goal of this all is of course to have happy customers with whom you will set up a role out plan for new locations. 

You share information and gather feedback and from this you determine how we structurally can improve our products. You will share this with different teams within Wundermart and make sure that they will put these improvements on their roadmap. 

Wundermart is growing rapidly so as part of the business development team you are also responsible for organizing the customer roadmap in order to scale properly.

Our ideal candidate

  • Has a minimum of a Bachelors degree 

  • 5+ years experience in account management

  • Commercial mindset

  • Has great communication skills and is fluent in English and preferably German

  • Retail and/or hospitality experience is a plus

Job requirements

Our mission
At Wundermart we are always asking ourselves whether there is a ‘better way’. By creating an unmanned shopping experience delivered by smart tech and inspired by human insight, we bring 24/7 access to little moments of enjoyment to guests in the world of hospitality. We thrive at the intersection of physical locations (from hotels and offices to hospitals), retail and smart tech. At the heart of this all are the people who work at, stay at or visit these locations. Human wants and needs are the foundation of our products and services.

Our values
To reach our mission we are building a strong collaborative team. We have established 6 core values we believe define us:

  • Open minds

  • Dare to make mistakes

  • Value over cash

  • Always learning, always growing

  • Never settle

  • Create your own destiny

  • Customer Centric

‘Wunder’ is the term that captures our mentality. The ability to see new possibilities. The drive to make something happen that makes a difference and evokes a sense of wonder. Asking questions is the starting point of progress. Asking better questions unlocks real innovation. We never settle with the status quo - we’re challenging it. Our rocket fuel is seeing new opportunities to create better solutions for existing problems.

Are you ready to rock the boat along with us?

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